Project Description

Creative Agency Festland from Switzerland, has become a great partner of the TABWORLD team. For Switzerlands tourist board they've created a series of International magazines about Switzerland with additional content to be enhanced through an app bringing the most beautiful aspects to life! Prize games, videos and many digital extras: With the Swiss Extend app you can enhance flyers, brochures and other printed media by Switzerland Tourism with virtual experiences. Simply scan the image pages with the Swiss Extend icon – and enjoy Switzerland.

More Details

Creative Agency Festland from Switzerland.
We were asked to produce an augmented reality app for this project on iOS and Android through which their readers are able to interact with the magazine. A custom language detection functionality makes sure that each reader will get the interactive app content served in his or her preferred language.
App production with additional Augmented Reality content. (Technical info: The first Year the app was based of the Layar AR technology, the second Year the AR technology switched to Metaio.)