As ‘mobile’ is becoming more important in the marketing mix, professional marketeers keep asking me to share success cases which I believe are absolutely extraordinary and inspirational.

I want to start with sharing this great campaign from Nivea in Brazil. This campaign has won a series of Awards in Cannes this Year and with good reason.

Nivea Protection Ad (Brazil)

Awards: Grand Prix Mobile Lion; Gold Mobile Lion; Gold Media Lion; 2x Silver Media Lions; Bronze Mobile Lion; Bronze Promo Lion.

Category: H01. Mobile: Integrated mobile campaign.
Brand: Nivea.
Agency: FCB Brasil São Paulo.
Summary: The campaign’s main goal was to win new consumers for Nivea Sun Kids. The message should reinforce the product’s main attribute: protection. At the same time, Nivea wanted to continue the series of useful ads that started with the SolarAd Charger. First challenge: how to protect children even more? We thought about another concern related to Nivea Sun Kids’ current consumption: children who get lost on the beach. That’s how we had the idea of making the Protection Ad. An ad that turned into a bracelet for children to wear so that parents could monitor them on their smartphones. All that was needed was to download the app, pair the bracelet, identify the child and choose the distance where the child could go. If distance was exceeded, an alert was sent by the app. With radar, it was possible to see if the parents were getting nearer or further from children.

Success: The campaign was featured in 10 press articles and 40 digital ones. For the first time, Nivea Sun Kids had the top sales in its segment, with a 62 percent increase in Rio de Janeiro. Nivea was present as an innovative brand in places where its consumers are: the beach, parks and clubs. 8 in every 10 people impacted by the ad, downloaded the app. The bracelet even became object of desire – Nivea still receives several requests for it every day.

View the case video NIVEA SUN KIDS – The Protection Ad

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