Storyteller Willem de Ridder exhibits a secret augmented audiotour at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

15 Apr 2011, Posted by admin in Cases, Museum & Event apps


The ARtours project will experiment with these in the near future in collaboration with Fluxus artist Willem de Ridder, who is working with us on one of his “Secret Exhibitions” in AR.

“Willem de Ridder is world famous in The Land of the Nethers. A place on the earth that used to be a small country, but now is actually one big city, with many well tended parcs in between the different neighbourhoods. In fact it is one big theme parc (like Disney Land). The Disney-organisation (who invented children) is now also building entire cities where you can (gulp) ‘live’. The Nethercity is just like that. It is one of the biggest and richest cities in the world, because everybody here is going Dutch. Dutch Uncles live here. In fact this place is Double Dutch. The first words a Dutch Baby utters are: ‘It’s too expensive’. The atmosphere is very liberal here. Nethers rather make money than waste money defending morals.When something is forbidden somewhere, it usually means big business for the Nethers. They’re also great story tellers, and Willem de Ridder is the master story teller of this city.” source

Willem de Ridder, a well known Dutch artist and storyteller, created a tour with things you normally won’t see. It’s about the secret details within the building, like cracks, holes, keys and so on. While he is telling you a story, you will be guided through things you normally won’t notice. It is basically an audio tour, but audio is also a form of augmented reality.

The audio tour is interrupted at various places and times to present a surprise in Augmented Reality, which can take the form of an unexpected 3D model, image, video… well, see for yourself!

Read a review (in Dutch): De geheime tentoonstelling van Willem de Ridder.