The Van Gogh Mile art route marks temporary relocation of the Van Gogh Museum to the Hermitage Amsterdam.

10 Oct 2012, Posted by admin in Cases, Museum & Event apps
Van Gogh Mile - Van Gogh Museum - TAB Worldemdia

Van Gogh Mile - Van Gogh Museum - TAB Worldemdia

The Van Gogh Mile app opens up an alternative world for the walkers along the Van Gogh Mile, a fusion of reality and fiction. Schut uses modern multimedia technologies to help us to experience the space in which we are moving in a different way. 

Smartphones and tablets will display landscapes in the middle of Amsterdam, will turn bright daylight into night time, and transform Museumplein into an ocean of sunflowers. Four one-minute film clips will take walkers into the world as experienced by Van Gogh, with an encounter between his work and, for instance, that of his great example Rembrandt. Visitors can use the app to share their experiences with friends online, and in this way pass on the inspiration of art themselves.


Download app from App Store or Google Play Store
The Van Gogh Mile app can be downloaded for free from the App Store ( (82 MB, iOS 4.2 is required) or Google Play Store (40 MB).

If you don’t have access to a smartphone or tablet, then you can download the Van Gogh Milehand-out with information about the route and descriptions of the installations. The hand-out is also available for free in the Museum shop at the Museumplein from Saturday 29 September.

Free Wi-Fi

There is a free Wi-Fi hotspot offered by Van Gogh Museum available at Museumplein near the Museum shop, and another one at the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Follow these instructions for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Anroid smartphone:

  •  Press the Settings icon and then ‘Wi-Fi’ (iPhone), or ‘Wireless & networks’ (Android).
  • Check if the Wi-Fi is turned on and then select the “VanGoghMuseum” network.
  •  A new screen will appear automatically: press ‘I Accept’.

A second screen appears showing three buttons:

  • ‘Home’ button which will connect you to the Van Gogh Museum website
  • a button “Van Gogh Mile App iPhone/iPad” connecting you to the app store
  • a button Van Gogh Mile App Android connecting you to the Google Play Store