National Geographic Movies: Flying Monsters 3D

01 Jan 2012, Posted by admin in Cases, Interactive Print
National Geographic - Flying Monsters augmented reality campaign - TAB Worldmedia


Flying Monsters 3 - TAB WorldmediaFlying Monsters 3D is a groundbreaking film that uses cutting-edge 3D technology and CGI to bring the story of giant flying monsters and their prehistoric world to life. Audiences of all ages will be in awe as they enter the world and experience, as never before, REAL Flying Monsters – in 3D.

fm.035For National Geographic Movies briefed TAB to come up with a creative idea to grab the attention of people who come to IMAX 3D movie theatres before they made their final decision of which movie ticket they will buy. To do this we created a mobile website that gives extensive background information and enables the viewer to download and start a 3D Flying monsters experience augmented on huge movie posters and other point of sale materials.


Campaign results

National Geographic Kids Magazine - TAB Worldmedia - Augmented Reality

The current campaign results are astonishing and the campaign is still running for a Global audience. We can’t give in dept insight in the Global campaign results but we may share the results of the first two months into the campaign.
– Campaign launch 2011 (Nov/Dec) 20 locations
– Around 15.000 unique visitors took action to the campaign by going to the mobile website and 89% of the visitors converted / went to the augmented reality flying monsters section to view and play around with the 3D monsters on their phones around the time of their ticket purchase and movie visit.

National Geographic decided to bring the 3D augmented flying monsters experience to their Kids Magazine. This resulted in even more intensive usage and visitor count of this exceptional campaign.

GSCA Achievement Awards 2012 WINNER:

Best Marketing Campaign by a Distributor.
TAB Worldmedia is proud to be working for this fantastic team at National Geographic.
The National Geographic Entertainment department won a GSCA 2012 award for Best Marketing
campaign by a distributor for the complete Flying Monsters campaign.
John Wickstrom, Sales Director, Film Distribution; Antonietta Monteleone, Director of Distribution; Mark Katz, President, Distribution; Nikki Lowry, Director of Film Marketing and Outreach; Lisa Truitt, President; Nell Constantinople, Distribution Coordinator
About GSCA 2012:
The GSCA 2012 Achievement Awards were presented at the Esquire IMAX Theatre on September 18, 2012, during the GSCA International Conference and Trade Show in Sacramento, California. IMAX Corporation also presented its Maximum Image Awards that evening. Congratulations to the following award recipients.