Marketing apps

New generation marketing and promotion apps.

Get with TAB Worldmedia “new generation marketing apps” to give a smart creative boost to your promotions. Our apps come standard with integrated augmented reality technology which make them very natural to integrate as part of sales promotions, loyalty programme, social media in combination with a traditional media mix.

Trends show that the mobile marketing industry is developing at an enormous pace and consumers are often far advanced in their knowledge and usage of apps. TAB offers its clients the possibility to execute their mobile strategy at the highest innovative and commercial level.

Apps powered with augmented reality
The basis of these “new generation sales promotion apps” is all about the creative approach and making use of innovative mobile technology. TAB has been working with the Worlds top brands and creative agencies over the Years to deliver cross-media solutions to get mobile consumers to buy into their promotions.

Vroom: “we have walked the walk and know how to translate the creative and commercial wishes of our clients into mobile activation concepts that generate a high ROI. Agencies contact us to get a quick impression of the production process and costs for their creative concepts. We always respond promptly and I would invite any A class brand or agency to just give us a call.” 

TAB Worldmedia uses technology of high-tech companies like Aurasma from the UK, Junaio from Germany and Layar from the Netherlands.