Efteling – Family park

28 Jun 2012, Posted by admin in Cases, Gamification, Museum & Event apps
Dutch icon family park the Efteling has been looking into what apps can add to the magical experience of the park. In the Efteling everything has a special story to it, even the ATM machines that are provided by Rabobank Netherlands are transformed into an attraction. In 2011 a 12 year old boy wrote a fairytale about Feetje & de kluis (Fairy and the vault). In the spirit of his story the Efteling and Rabobank turned the ATM machine into a golden vault and displayed the fairytale in a brass book in front of the vault for everyone to read.

TAB Worldmedia was asked to develop a mobile second screen approach to bring the story to life. Sure there are several apps that the park is already exploiting through the app store but they are mainly for use at home but there wasn’t any mobile approach that added real value to the experience in the park. We created an augmented animated fairytale from this story that allowed children to see the fairies flying round in the park while listening to the storyteller on their phones.

As an additional element we also created an augmented game where kids have to catch and collect the fairies who are flying in AR at the location. They do have to be careful for the witch though!

The Efteling augmented fairytale case was nominated at the Mobile Marketing & Media Awards in the category: “Best Mobile Advertising Campaign”.

The description is in Dutch but here’s the official link.