CANON EOS 600D EK Mobile augmented reality Soccer Game.

30 Jul 2012, Posted by admin in Cases, Gamification, Interactive Print
CANON EOS 600D augmented reality game

During the European soccer championship 2012 TAB Worldmedia collaborated with media agency PHD Media and the Telegraaf Media group to execute an innovative integrated media campaign for CANON. TAB Worldmedia had the role to enhance the media strategy with an augmented reality game that was especially designed for a cross platform campaign on several media platforms of TMG.

Media strategy - augmented reality - tab worldmedia

TAB created a rich media game in spirit of the soccer championship to promote the CANON EOS 600D camera. The strategy is that the rich media game is also the central concept that brings all media channels together.

The plot of the game is that taking a sports photo is very hard. Photographers almost continuously take photos and choose the best photo from the series to print. We asked a CANON sports-photographer to share his series with us which we integrated in a stop-motion effect like game. The idea is that the player tries to pick the right photo from the stop motion series in an attempt to win one of 4 CANON EOS 600D cameras.

In this strategic media model that we set up, mobile augmented reality is used to bridge the gap between the advertisement campaign in printed media and the rich media game.

TAB Worldmedia created all campaign elements:
– 4 Print advertisements
– 2 Mobile ads that ran in Telegraaf apps
– Rich media banners in flash for the Telegraaf website
– And of course  the mobile augmented reality game and web based game. Contrary to the traditional media that lead to the web platform to play the game we enabled to mobile game to run in augmented reality.

Website Canon EOS 600D EK promotionCampaign website: scaled automatically to desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens.