Androidworld magazine augmented with Layar.

29 Aug 2011, Posted by admin in Cases, Interactive Print

AW cover Androidworld magazine is one of the first printed magazines that got a full augmented reality experience produced in the new Layar Creator tool by us. The magazine holds over 100 pages filled with columns, smartphone and app reviews and other spectacular articles for Android enthusiasts.

As strategic advisors to media companies like the Telegraaf Mediagroup and other companies in the publishing industry we found is necessary to actually augment a complete magazine ourselves.

Next to the actual production we also wrote an article & step by step instruction explaining to the readers how easy it is to create a basic augmented reality experience through the Layar creator.

This is how the process worked: First we sat down with the publisher and Androidworld spokesman Dimitry Vleugel (better known on Twitter as @DIM) to discuss which editorial content were suitable and relevant for augmented reality enhancement. We made a first selection of all the subjects and discussed the outline of the magazine. As the articles were not yet produced at that point this stage was pure conceptual.

In the second stage we received the outline of the magazine, complete briefing with an overview of the articles per page, artwork and links to different downloadable apps, reviews, streaming video reviews etc. After this followed the complete layout of the magazine in PDF format and separate PNG files. We needed that to do a so called ‘bulk upload’ to the Layar creator.

Layar creator screenshot

Then came the actual enhancement per page which comes down to using a very easy drag and drop tool to place your augmented movie clips, buy and download buttons on the pages. I took us a couple of days as you can imagine to augment almost all 100 pages of the magazine with 2 to 10 interactive items per page.

Anyone with some knowledge of Powerpoint / Keynote or WordPress can do this. In our opinion this is truly a very usable and affordable tool for magazine publishers to add a virtual layer to their magazines and service their readers with interactive content and shortcuts to mobile webpages. Also the statistics analysis program that is connected to each page and each item is very detailed and gives a great overview of what readers are actually doing with this tool.


View this example of Linda magazine who have been using Layar in their issues for some time now.


How to bring more high end augmented reality creativity to the magazine

Now the stage is set on an editorial enhanced level there is room for adding great interactive augmented concepts for the advertisers in the magazine. At this point the publisher can turn to TAB Worldmedia to service their advertising community to create effective and fun enhanced layar concepts on top of their advertisement.

Everything is possible, however not yet through the Layar creator. TAB Worldmedia has set up a specialised service for Layar clients that want to enhance their magazine or advertisement campaigns with creative features that do not standard come through the Layar Creator tool. We are able to create augmented experiences by programming them into Layar channels. Interactive gaming features like the CANON EOS 600D game we created in Telegraaf Telesport or even starting a Game like we created in Layar for Family park Efteling or showing 3D models of new homes.

If you are a publisher, advertising agency or marketing brand that is interested in the creative possibilities for your brand please contact us.

You can also find our listing as partner on the Layar website.